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RN Search for "Heartstrings Solutions for Victims of Opioid Affliction"

Posted 7 months ago by Leshonda Wallace

Career opportunity to those who might perceive the value of the specialty services this medical wellness group will soon be offering to the Cape Fear community.

A succinct description of the career opportunity:

- Immediate fulltime employment for 2 female RN's working together in close concert with the Clinical Chief Medical Director and two primary care physicians of an established medical wellness practice located at Mayfaire in Wilmington, N.C. - Scope of work involves assessments, tests, provision of treatment, monitoring of results and counseling/education; central focus of treatment will be administration of IV infusions. - Work schedule allows for daylight hours operations only and never nighttime work, The weekly treatment cycle of a maximum 72 hours allows for full-time compensation through flexible rotational scheduling. The 2 weeks of Christmas and New Years are closed. - Compensation is structured on a guaranteed minimum base rate of $ 30 per hour with no limit to the number of sequential days worked. The payment of annual bonus performance pay up to an additional $ 40,000 is a component of total compensation; thus, the expected total annual earnings should range from $ 75,000 - $ 100,000. - An express work prerequisite is that such RN possess intense compassion, tenderness and consideration towards helping others. An experiential understanding of patient-oriented medical wellness with lifestyle practice of such likewise by the RN will be beneficial.

More info needed please contact:; 910-616-5357


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